Saturday, December 26, 2009

Leonard Smith ( Star of Our Miss Brooks ) located.

Last spring I was interested in contacting Leonard Smith and just could not seem to locate him. I had a few tips but each ended up at a solid dead end. Leonard played Stretch Snodgrass on Our Miss Brooks so I called Gloria McMillan ( who was also a regular on the series ) to see if she had current contact information for Leonard. Unfortunately, she did not. She had been in contact with him in recent years but telephone numbers had been disconnected and she didn't have the new contact information. I figured I would have to accept defeat and call this mission a failure. But as 2009 came to a close and in the spirit of the season, I receive a call from Gloria McMillan on Christmas Eve. Leonard had just called her! It had been many years since they had talked and they had a lot of things to catch up on.
Gloria, informed him that I had been looking for him and also told him about the many radio fans that were still out there and how much fun the old time radio conventions are. I am hoping we can get him to come up to Seattle next June. Gloria has so much enthusiasm that I'm sure Leonard has to be interested. I would love to meet Leonard Smith.

Walden Hughes
Your Esso Reporter

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