Sunday, June 6, 2010

New Video Titles (TV & Movies ) of Jack Benny Released

This just in from Laura Leff of the International Jack Benny Fan Club.

Hello again,

Thanks to everyone for your patience as I sorted out some questions with the new shows. As I suspected, a few of them have vertical alignment issues, but are still viewable. I am working with the American Heritage Center to see if we can get better copies that don't have these issues. But in the meantime, I'll make what we have available to everyone for your enjoyment.

This is pretty darned exciting, because a number of these shows are 1st generation transfers from the 16mm copies in Jack's own collection, and have not previously been in circulation. So get those video orders ready, and I'll keep my DVD burner warm for you!

Additionally, there are a number of other donations from various members that expand our holdings, upgrade from shows that were previously only excerpts, and upgrades to shows that had to be ordered separately. Many thanks to everyone for their generosity in continually improving the IJBFC library!

So here we are the newbies:

New, previously uncirculated shows from Jack's collection:

12/12/54 - Cleaning and grocery shopping - NOTE: Vertical alignment issues
12/26/54 - San Diego Naval Base - NOTE: Vertical alignment issues
2/20/55 - Death Across the Lunch Counter with George Raft - NOTE: Vertical alignment issues
3/20/55 - Gary Crosby - NOTE: Vertical alignment issues, which resolve during early part of show
4/17/55 - Going to Union Station, Mel Blanc is crying cab driver
5/1/55 - Guest Jackie Gleason [LL: This is my favorite of the bunch...WONDERFUL!!!]
9/25/55 - Everyone drives Jack nuts before the first show of the season
1/29/56 - Guest Sarah Churchill
2/12/56 - Guests Frances Bergen and William Holden
3/25/56 - Guest Dore Schary
4/22/56 - Jack gets a passport
6/17/56 - Rerun of 3/21/54 with additional original material - NOTE: Vertical alignment issues
New copies from Jack's collection:

10/23/55 - Art Linkletter, Peggy King
11/20/55 - Johnny Carson
12/18/55 - Edgar Bergen
New shows donated by members:

4/9/53 - Guest Fred Allen
5/23/54 - Guest Bob Hope, The Road to Nairobi
2/23/58 - Guest Gisele MacKenzie
4/20/58 - Kitzel visits
11/15/59 - Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Stewart Anniversary
2/12/61 - Mamie Van Doren, death row sketch
3/5/61 - Detective story with Frankie Fontaine
New movies and other material:

It's in the Air (1935) - 90 minutes
Artists and Models (1937) - 100 minutes
The Horn Blows at Midnight (1945) - 90 minutes - new, clean transfer from laser disc
11/1/56 Shower of Stars - Guests Nanette Fabray, Johnnie Ray, Rory Calhoun - 60 mi nutes
6/7/60 The George Burns Show - Guests Bobby Darin, Betty Grable, Polly Bergen - IN COLOR! - 60 minutes
3/9/62 The Milton Berle Show - Guests Lena Horne, Laurence Harvey, Janis Paige - 60 minutes
11/29/62 The Bob Hope Show - Guests Bobby Darin, Ethel Merman - 60 minutes

Go to and click on Programs, then Video Library for full ordering information. High five and good viewing!

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