Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Television ended it all

By Carol Weimer
People don’t have to think of what they will be doing on these long winter’s nights. Computers and TVs provide lots of entertainment.

Not so as I was growing up. The winter nights really dragged on, but we found ways to amuse ourselves once everything was cleaned up in the kitchen. We always got our homework right after we got home from school. If there was still time before supper, we would go out and play in the snowbanks or go skating on the Erie Canal.

Long winter nights would make my grandpa restless. He would sit in his rocking chair by the radio to Lowell Thomas and H. V. Kaltonborn for the news and commentaries. We kids didn’t like those shows, but they would be followed by the Lone Ranger, Amos ‘n Andy, the Jack Benny Show and Montana Slim, who sang cowboy songs and grandpa liked country songs. READ MORE 

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