Saturday, March 31, 2012

One of the best: Twenty Questions

Back on January 21st, I wrote about my favorite 75 radio shows, with the criteria that to qualify for the list, I had to have heard at least 7 shows.

At that time, I had only heard 5 shows of Twenty Questions. Twenty Questions is just like the game you played as a kid or a teen, where you (actually a panel of five) can ask up to 20 questions to guess whatever the show has cooked up: an animal, vegetable or mineral.

You don't have to be a mental giant to enjoy the show. Twenty Questions was heralded in it's day for being a family show that everyone from blue collar pop to 7 year-old junior could enjoy. It was also different from the rise of the stunt game show, which was widely popular at the time, but also received a lot of negative press as well.

It was fun entertainment then and still is. You will be surprised how quickly a half an hour goes by while listening to the show. I'd probably put it somewhere in the 40's in my Top 75 List...

There are now 10 shows available.
An episode of Twenty Questions is currently being featured On the REPS Podcast as part of the April 1st broadcast of Same Time Same Station hosted by John and Larry Gassman.

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