Saturday, May 26, 2012

KNLDJ Radio Memorial Day Special

A special Memorial Day weekend starts at midnight tonight (May 27th) with over 18 hours of WW2 programs and will rotate 24/7 through midnight the 29th of May on KNLDJ Internet Radio. Be sure and join us. It's FREE and historical. We have compiled actual historical archival audio of the events from 1938 when Hitler tried to conquer the world through D-Day 1944, the announcement of death of President Roosevelt, the end of the war and the home front. You'll hear music of the era, dramas with Hollywood's best, and "on the spot" reporting from all over the world. If you were there, we will be sending you many memories. If you weren't born then, take a listen and learn what the world went through. Join us anytime. Remember that times mentioned are USA and Pacific Daylight Time. Nancy Moyer will be playing "Music of the War Years", a half hour dee jay show. We'd love to hear from you and where you are listening and any comment or question you may want to share. The Memorial Day program starts with the professionally produced (by OTR) with the year 1938 when we were at peace but much of the world was in turmoil and at war. A segment produced 50 years ago tells of the folks, (that's all of our families) and what they were doing during the years 1938-1945. We use archival audio from the war zones, the first announcement of the Empire of Japan attacking Pearl Harbor and the Philippians. You'll hear President Roosevelt's famous speech and declaration war against Japan. There is a 14 minute segment recorded by a US Marine while he was in a fox hole with shells bursting around him, and it's all real and not Hollywood. Speaking of Hollywood, the great entertainers by the thousands pitched in to provide entertainment free to G.I.'s worldwide with the USO and both the Hollywood and Stage Door Canteens (California and in New York) where the most famous stars danced with the military personnel of our country and our allies, served coffee and food and entertainment 24/7 all without pay as a gift to our military and, of course, all FREE. If you remember the WW2 era or if you are too young, you can get a real feel of the war years and how it affected all of us and perhaps your ancestors. Please give us a try. Enter KNLDJ in either Google or Yahoo and click on the link. By the way, thanks to our granddaughter-in-law Lynn Camp for producing and updating our KNLDJ web site. The special starts at midnight PDT and rotates 24/7 from 27 May through the 29th. We will return to regular programming of mysteries, comedies, historical dramas, detective shows, westerns, music shows and Christian shows but will repeat the special for D-Day on June 5th through the 7th. And remember we have confirmed listeners in 24 countries. Thanks, Donn J. and Nancy L. Moyer, and announcer staff Donn T. Moyer with 28 years in radio/television. Carl Lambert. Carl has just received an award for his 40 years of broadcasting local sports and worked as our sports director at Channel 10 for 8 years. Also our P.C. "Guru" (engineer) Dave Clute and our friend and assistant Chris St. Pierre. And our guest announcer Charles Hargan (of Germantown, Wisconsin).

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