Friday, July 13, 2012

Ginny Tyler 1932- 2012

Disney Legend and REPS’ Friend Ginny Tyler passed away this morning July 13th, 2012. When the original “Mickey Mouse Club” was re-edited and repackaged for syndication in 1962, Tyler was appointed Head Mouseketeer, live from Disneyland where she hosted a live 15-minute daily segment of the program. Children could also register as “Official Mouseketeers,” complete with membership card, and Ginny, often in the company of Roy Williams or Jimmie Dodd, was on hand for greetings and autographs. Read more about Ginny’s career with Disney at the Disney Legend’s web site. Ginny was a featured guest at the 2007 REPS SHOWCASE Old Time Radio Convention in Seattle where she played the title role of Pinocchio in a re-creation of the 1939 Lux Radio Theater version of the Disney movie. On the same evening Ginny played Mrs. Nussbaum in a re-enactment of the Fred Allen show.

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Anonymous said...

Ginny Tyler was truly one of TV’s best voice actresses with diversified voice talents and animal sound abilitities too. She was the best “witch” cackling voice artists I’ve ever heard as she represented Disney World’s Wicked Witch on the original 1971 to 1993 Snow White ride too. And cartoon fans of Hanna Barbara and other studios will remember her contributions there and her Mousketeer hosting time: some time, I hope those archive shows can be put on DVD. Ginny will be truly missed.