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Stan Freberg was the last comedian to have his own regular weekly network radio show.

The Stan Freberg Show

The Stan Freberg show was sustained by CBS. It went on the air from Hollywood in July 1957 but for just 15 short weeks. During that time some of the best humor and biting satire ever heard on radio was featured. The show featured routines which became classic and many were released on records by Capitol.

Regulars on the show included:
Daws Butler
June Foray
Peter Leeds
Peggy Taylor.
The show aired in the Sunday night at 7pm time slot, that had been long occupied by the very popular Jack Benny program. Unfortunately, the Freberg show failed to attract a sponsor after Freberg decided he did not want to be associated with the tobacco companies that had sponsored Benny. In lieu of actual commercials, Freberg mocked advertising by touting such products as "Puffed Grass" ("It's good for Bossie, it's good for me and you!"), "Food" ("Put some food in your tummy-tum-tum!"), and himself ("Stan Freberg—the foaming comedian! Bobba-bobba-bom-bom-bom"), a parody of the well-known Ajax cleanser commercial.
It's not a surprise that he later extended his talents to the world of advertising, with actual commercials for both radio and T.V.
Freberg will also always be known as the man who actually pioneered the now-booming field of comedy recording. For it was the tremendous success of such Frebergian funnies as St. George and the Dragonet,The Yellow Rose of Texas, and the controversial Yuletide classic Green Chri$tma$ that launched the genre.
Stan is a very interesting and talented personality that we recently had the pleasure of meeting. On the second half of episode number 58 of the REPS Podcast, John and Larry Gassman interview Stan Freberg. It's an enjoyable visit with the comedy legend that you will not want to miss. You will also want to check out the episode number 59 of the REPS Podcast where we feature classic radio broadcasts where Stan made appearances. First, it's the The Jack Benny show then followed by The Phil Harris & Alice Faye show. It's all part of Same Time Same Station as heard on the REPS Podcast.

These two episodes of the REPS Podcast are a great start to launch the REPS salute to the great Stan Freberg.
At the next REPS meeting, You will want to join us Saturday Nov 3rd from 2-4pm as we continue our salute as we hookup with Stan live via telephone and we'll open it up for questions from the audience. So if you are in the Seattle area, Saturday, November 3rd at 2pm, join us at the next REPS meeting as we speak with the legendary Stan Freberg.

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