Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Transcontinental Terror - New Audio Productions for Halloween!

This Halloween, for the third year in a row, six audio theater companies from around the world are teaming up to present a full evening of original audio horror! “Transcontinental Terror: An Express Train to Audio Horror” will feature masterful productions by contemporary audio theater’s most exciting, inventive production companies — companies spanning half the globe. The programs will stream online at www.transcontinentalterror.com, beginning at 4:00pm PDT and running until 10:00PM PDT. The six production companies involved in the project are:
The Wireless Theatre Company from London, England;
Electric Vicuna Productions from Halifax, Nova Scotia;
FinalRune Productions from Portland, Maine;
Aural Stage Studios from Buffalo, New York;
Chatterbox Audio Theater from Memphis, Tennessee;
Icebox Radio Theater from International Falls, Minnesota;
and 19 Nocturne Boulevard from Seattle, Washington.
The numerous accolades earned by this group include Gold Ogle and Mark Time Awards, and features in numerous local and national papers including the Guardian and The Wall Street Journal.
The event is timed to celebrate October, which is National Audio Theater Month. “Since Orson Welles’ legendary War of the Worlds broadcast, Halloween has held a special place for audio drama,” says Fred Greenhalgh, Producer of FinalRune Productions. “It’s a time of year when people are open to experiencing the macabre, and no medium scares better than audio. There’s something primal about it.” That primal quality will be exploited by these spine-tingling shows, the result of a months-long collaboration among the groups. Some of the shows will be recorded, using state-of-the-art production methods, field recording, and actors from across the globe. Others will be performed live in the studio with manual sound effects, just as in the Golden Age of Radio Drama. The evening’s content promises to be intense, so listener discretion is advised. For more information on the show itself, each participating group, scheduling, and more, visit www.transcontinentalterror.com.

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