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REPS Podcast Old Time Radio On Demand

Hear Old Time Radio on demand with radio's premiere old time radio show Same Time Same Station hosted by John and Larry Gassman. The program is a feature of the REPS Podcast and is a celebration of old time radio with interviews accompanied by the greatest old time radio shows.

Episode 117 Stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. In this hours program we will hear two Sherlock Holmes broadcasts. Sherlock Holmes from 10/03/48 Episode (004) Frightened Bookkeeper. Starring John Stanley as Sherlock Holmes. Lastly, starring Ben Wright and Eric Snowden, we hear Sherlock Holmes from 03/22/50 (Episode 27) The Duke Of Hollywell.
Episode 116
We continue to feature Elvia Allman as our performer of the month. Here she appears in a show that was heard only on the Armed Forces Radio network. GI Journal from 01/05/45 Episode) (077) Guest – Jack Carson.
We next look at Sir Arthur Conan Doyle as we listen to stories he wrote. Escape from 02/12/49 Episode (055) Lost Special.
Episode 115
In the second hour of this weeks program we turn to mystery and suspense with two classic radio programs. First its Inner Sanctum Mysteries from 02/26/1946 I walk in the Night.
Then we hear Suspense - Mission Completed (episode 361) 12/1/1949 CBS Radio.
Episode 114
In this weeks episode we’ll hear Bob Hope from NBC March 7, 1939 featuring Judy Garland and Elvia Allman our actress of the month.
Then we’ll hear The Stan Freberg Show ( episode # 6) from 8/18/1957 “The Radio Censor”.
Episode 113
The Screen Guild Theater from 01/25/43 Across The Pacific starring Humphrey Bogart, Mary Astor and Sidney Greenstreet. Screen Guild Theater went on the air in 1939 as the Gulf Screen Guild Show sponsored by Gulf. By 1943 the program was sponsored by Lady Esther.
For our salute to Valentine’s day we’ll hear Abbott & Costello from 02/10/44 Episode (051) Robinson Crusoe with Charles Laughton.
Episode 112
We continue to feature Elvia Allman as our performer of the month. We listen to her in a show starring Cary Grant and Betsy Drake. Mr. and Mrs. Blandings from 04/29/51 The Girls Of Today.
As mentioned last week, we lost Patty Andrews recently. So, we’ll hear: The Andrews Sisters from 11/14/45 episode (07) Mills Brothers.
Episode 111
Angela Maxine O’Brien was born 01/15/37. She is better known as Margaret O’Brien, and She just celebrated her 76th birthday. By the time she began working in radio with The Screen Guild Theater and Lux Radio Theater she still had not learned to read scripts. So, she memorized, and other cast members would stand by in case she forgot her lines, which rarely happened. We will hear her when she was 7 years of age and appeared on The Lux Radio Theater from 06/19/44 Episode (444)Lost Angel.
Episode 110
Our actor of the month is Elvia Allman. Elvia was a tremendous actress who worked on many shows including Burns and Allen and Bob Hope. We’ll hear her this week on “Burns And Allen” from 08/31/43 Singing Contest. Guest Frank Sinatra.
We also feature an early program which may have shaped the Joe Friday character in “Dragnet”. It was heard on “Suspense” from 03/13/47 Episode (236) You Take Ballistics. It starred Howard Da Silva and Jack Webb.
Episode 109
Lon Clark starred for years in a program reading comics to the kids. We hear Lon as The Comic Weekly Man from 08/13/50 episode (173) Man With Bread in His Mouth. First Comic Snookums. We believe that the actress reading the girl parts is Cecil Roy. Lon Clark reads all of the male parts and is excellent.
Lon Clark, Margot Stevenson, and Bill Nadell took part in a panel.
Episode 108
George Burns is our performer of the month for the month of January. In February the performer of the month will be actress Elvia Allman. In part one of this weeks episode we’ll hear: “Eddie Cantor – It’s Time To Smile” from 06/09/43 Episode (118) Guest Jack Benny, George Burns, Gracie Allen, and Groucho Marx. It is Eddie’s 29th Wedding anniversary in this broadcast.
Next we will listen to “Radio City Playhouse” featuring Jan Miner from 12/27/48 episode (21) Strange Identity.

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