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Spend A Day With Jack Benny

John and Larry Gassman are our resident radio historians. Their contribution to preserving the legacy of old time radio cannot be measured. They began hosting Same Time, Same Station in 1980 on California radio station KPCC-FM. The show continues to this day and features old time radio programs and interviews and can be heard on the REPS Podcast.

John and Larry Gassman are big time fans of Jack Benny and feature Benny quite often on their radio program. If you love Benny as much as we do consider spending an afternoon listening to some of the great radio moments featuring the legendary comedian as featured on Same Time Same Station and available on demand.

Hear an Afternoon with Jack Benny on the REPS Podcast

*The Fred Allen program from 1936 that started the long running Benny-Allen feud.
* The feud was started when Allen asked 10 year old Stuart Canin to play The Bee on his radio program. John and Larry interview Stuart and ask him about his memories about that eventful broadcast.
*The Jack Benny Show: 4/24/38 Snow White and the 7 Gangsters. Next, from 2/15/42. Jack can’t get a date on his birthday.
*The Jack Benny Show 4/06/47 Jack Tries to get Sam Goldwyn to so THE LIFE OF JACK BENNYand from 3/06/49 A DAY AT THE RACES.
*Jack Benny Appears on Mail Call from 3/07/45 Episode (135). It is the Premier of Jack Benny’s new movie, The Horn Blows At Midnight. It stars Jack Benny, Paulette Goddard, Claudette Colbert, Jinx Falkenberg. “Mail Call” was another show broadcast by Armed Forces Radio exclusively to our men and women overseas. Next we sample “Suspense” from 01/18/54 Episode (535) The Face Is Familiar also starring Jack Benny,
*Hotpoint Holiday Hour from 12/25/49 again starring Jack Benny in The Man Who Came To Dinner.
*An interview with his daughter Joan Benny. The remainder of the program features shows an excerpts in which Joan appeared. We’ll hear Jack Benny from 05/09/41 Special Salute On His 10th Anniversary In Radio. Jack Benny from 12/25/49 Trimming the Christmas Tree. Joan Benny guests selling Girl Scout Cookies.
*We continue on with the Jack Benny program featuring shows in which Joan Benny made guest appearances. From 3/12/50 we hear “Sagebrush Soap Contest”. Then it’s the Jack Benny program from 10/15/50 “Jack dreams he is married to Mary”. And it’s the Jack Benny program from 02/14/54 (Recorded 02/11/54). This is the unedited version of the program in which Joan Benny read Mary’s lines in front of the audience. Mary’s lines were to be dubbed in later for the broadcast. However, in this instance, Joan read Mary’s part, but the scenes were not used on the program when it was broadcast.
*In May of 1932 Jack Benny began in radio with a program which would last 23 years. We’ll hear his first radio show from 05/02/32.
*Interview with Irving Fein. Irving was the manager for both Jack Benny and George Burns until their deaths. In 2006, Frank Bresee interviewed Fein for Yesterday USA. We’ll hear that interview.
*At about 45 minutes into episode 083 of the REPS Podcast we'll hear "A Salute To Heart Sunday” with Jack Benny as guest from 1959.
*The Jack Benny Show from 01/01/50. In this episode Jack can’t make Mary’s New Years Party and ends up alone after being stood up by his date.
*Jack Benny is guest on Eddie Cantor – It’s Time To Smile from 06/09/43 Episode (118)It is Eddie’s 29th Wedding anniversary in this broadcast.

Hear a Benny Afternoon on the REPS Podcast!

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